In 2015 PCC was engaged by Imagination to assist with technical production of Australia’s largest ever touring museum. The Spirit of the ANZAC Centenary Experience is the first of its kind, a fully interactive travelling exhibition from the Australian War Memorial. The exhibit featuring some 200 items ranging from an artillery piece to Diggers’ diaries and other personal possessions will visit 23 locations in all States and Territories starting in Wodonga, Victoria in September 2015 and finishing in Sydney in April 2017.


Integral to the museum experience is the synchronisation with audio guides (700 custom configured iPods) and the visual projections that exist throughout the experience. PCC built a fully customised Network Control Centre (NCC) that ensures all elements within the experience remain in sync giving patrons the ultimate interactive museum experience. Working closely with the Imagination Digital team and Art Processors the PCC designed network gives full remote access to allowing for minimal onsite technical staff.


The NCC is an enterprise grade network that features dual routers, switches and power sources that run concurrently. The experience is always online thanks to it’s three targeted 4G internet connections to Telstra’s cellular network. SNMP monitoring of all devices in the network ensure technicians are automatically notified via SMS when equipment fails. Intelligent algorithms ensure that serious issues such as loss of primary power source or unsafe temperatures trigger the automatic shut down of virtual machines and other fragile elements of the interactive system.

PCC supplies crew to ensure a successful installation in each city, the dedicated team are committed to installing all lighting and audio visual components of the experience. Across the 1200 SQM experience there are over 60 LCD monitors, 12 DLP projectors, 30 tablet devices and 20 IP cameras for surveillance. PCC also supplies a dedicated technician onsite on every event day to give hands on support.

The Team:


Colin Rendell Project Manager / Network Engineer
Adam Hardy Senior Network Engineer
Fraser Kerr Senior Technician & On Site Support
James Russell Senior Technician
Matt Rosewall Operations

News Update:

On the 9th of February 2016 Telstra experienced and unprecedented network outage that effected most of Telstra’s customers through out Australia, however the Spirit of the ANZAC Centenary Experience (SACE) network was completely uninterrupted by the outage.

By not only by having our X,Y,Z redundancy system utilising multiple cellular towers with access to Telstra’s advanced 4G network, we are also benefited by our exclusive access to Telstra’s enhanced APN.

At no point were internet services interrupted keeping the ticketing system fully operational, and offering remote access to Art Processors as well as keeping our front of house team online.

We have great confidence in the network design that we put together and it is enhanced by our faith in Telstra and the excellent relationship we have them.

Tour Dates:

Perth 29/11/2016
Port Augusta 09/11/2016
Melbourne 07/02/2016
Adelaide 08/03/2016
Tamworth 26/04/2016
Toowoomba 17/05/2016
Brisbane 17/06/2016
Mackay 25/07/2016
Cairns 14/08/2016
Townsville 02/09/2016
Darwin 17/10/2016
Bunbury 11/01/2017
Kalgoorie 30/01/2017
Geelong 21/02/2017
Orange 12/03/2017
Newcastle 29/03/2017
Sydney 15/04/2017