PCC Event Services


Christmas at Chadstone

Remote Interactive Display


Creative Production Services (CPS) required a way to service their Christmas Installation at Chadstone Shopping Centre without employing a dedicated on- site technician for a 2-month project. PCC were engaged to integrate each department into one central system and to provide secure remote monitoring and troubleshooting services.


Converging lighting, sound and automation services onto one managed network made it possible to monitor all aspects of the installation. A full time on-site technician was replaced by the ability to access the system remotely as required. PTZ Cameras and audio loopback became our eyes and ears. Equipment could be monitored, configured even power cycled from anywhere at any time.

This service was provided securely by Cisco gen II ISR hardware. The network did not rely on applications or management computers to access devices. Remote services were authenticated and encrypted to protect the intellectual property of customers. CPS and the safety of Chadstone’s Preventing faults before they occur improved the relationship between contractor and client. When the client had additional request they could be applied by the key creative team, wherever they are, without travel delay.

If on-site maintenance was required, technicians had diagnostics and a service plan ready before arriving. This avoided delays and reduced ongoing costs caused by misinformation and time taken to provide additional on-site resources.

Network Design: Adam Hardy

Leigh Bowman