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Puma Interactive



PCC were engaged by Carrspace to provide an interactive LED screen solution for the PUMA stand during an industry expo in Brisbane.

Charged with an almost impossible turn around time, PCC designed and custom built software to enable a competitive challenge for visitors to compete against each other utilising the LED screens that were custom built into the stand as the display.

The PCC crew headed by Colin Rendell worked remotely for Carrspace building and designing a custom software system that measured movements through special depth cameras and allowed for the difficulty and time parameters to be adjusted with ease.

The client and visitors loved the physical interaction and competed against each other using fastest movement as the measure of success and Adam and Colin got fit building it.

It was all run off a single mac book pro making it ideal for non technical client use.

The Team:

Programmer: Adam Hardy

Project Manager: Colin Rendell

Leigh Bowman