PCC Event Services


Breakout Timer


PCC was approached to provide a timer app at a recent conference that could co-ordinate timing between conference break out sessions to ensure its event ran to schedule.

As it was a Telstra Event and all attendees were using tablets it was essential this timer was synced to the Telstra network and could work on their tablets to co-ordinate timing between conference break out and training sessions.

PCC Programmer Dan Kerr worked overnight and amazingly created two simple android apps for a countdown timer. Telstra were then presented with the apps (within 24 hours of PCC being charged with the task) and they were so thrilled it was deployed that day for trial.

The first app was a master app where the user could select and start a countdown clock. The tablets being used to display the time simply needed to open the slave app and as long as the devices were on the same wireless network they would automatically display the timer. When the timer was complete the tablet would notify the user and keep the event running to schedule.

Dan had developed a bit of a passion for this and within a week a full web version was created. He has since improved on this further and it is now compatible for iPads and iPhones and has been used at many conferences since.