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Crowd Safety

Traffic Lights @ Big Day Out

2013 - 2014

PCC has been engaged by Total View to design and install critical Crowd Safety mechanisms for major festivals Australia wide; including Australia’s largest and original music festival Big Day Out.

Crowd safety is paramount at festivals and when capacity reaches upwards of 20,000 effective systems need to be put in place to ensure the safety of all patrons and staff. Working closely with Mojo barriers Total View designed a barrier system to be used at BDO.

The inner D (closest to the stage) is the most vital controlled and fully screened access area at the festival. The D entry gates are turnstiles that are manned with staff and by installing traffic lights at the entrance both security staff and patrons could be effectively alerted as to when it is safe to proceed into the area. The use of these traffic lights creates a steady and free flowing system that everybody understands.

Total View monitored the area with two 20x zoom pan tilt cameras mounted on each of the main stages and a fixed camera mounted at the rear of the front of house area which over sees the entry operations and also gives visual confirmation of the operation of the traffic lights.

From a risk perspective the effective operation of the D barrier is the critical element to crowd safety at the BDO.

PCC were directly involved with custom designing, building and installing these traffic lights. PCC’s thorough understanding of the festival was paramount and influenced all decisions in the design process. The end result was:

  • Four systems of 6 lights were built with the ability to have 4 fly away systems so two D barriers at two different interstate shows could be installed/operated at once.

  • LED fixtures were selected to keep power consumption low as back up power supplies are typically low capacity on an event of this size.

  • The fixtures are all IP65 along with all connectors.

  • The lights are designed to be easily clamped to light 50mm pipe ensuring a quick and easy deployment.

  • Traffic lights are daisy chained (cables loop in and out). Traffic lights can be switched from normal mode to controller mode.

  • The lights are powered and controlled from a single control box, the Traffic Light Controller (TLC). The TLC receives its remote control signal via ethernet signal, the network typically involving a microwave link setup by total view. The TLC has a manual override that can be switched directly from on the box or from a remote pendant.

  • The remote control software operates off a PC in the control room and has several pre programmed commands.

  • In the event of communication failure the TLC can be programmed to automatically fall back to a Red or Green.

Here’s hoping Australia’s original and best festival will be back in 2016.

The Team:

Design: Adam Hardy, James Russell, and Colin Rendell, PCC Event Services

Design Consultation: Total View

Build: Gary Hopkins, Adam Hardy, and Colin Rendell

Leigh Bowman