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Freedom of Movement

Ford Motor Group, Vivid Sydney

June, 2017


In April PCC teamed up with Imagination Australia to assist with a unique interactive installation planned for the 2017 Vivid Festival by the Ford Motor Group.


The project involved large robotic swings representing the pistons of an engine which were built by Simple Motion. During the night time festival on each hour the swings animated and illuminated to a soundscape composed by Samplify. In-between the shows the swings were open for the public to interact with. As children and adults alike swung on the giant structures, the swings responded to their velocity and speed with lights and sounds creating an interactive installation.


PCC used sensor feedback from Simple Motion’s automation controller, and calculated velocity, azimuth, and direction. With these values, various states could be calculated and based on certain movements (swinging forwarded, drifting back etc). PCC then sent direct commands into the lighting console to trigger appropriate lighting effects to match the actions. These were all pre-programmed by Ziggy Ziegler over several evenings of design and experimentation.

The sound effects were composed by Samplify along with the soundscape for the hourly feature. PCC triggered the sounds and lighting effects in unison with a custom interface PCC created that allowed for accurate adjustments to ensure synchronicity.

The end result was a spectacular show of light, sound and movement which rapidly became one of the most popular attractions of the 2017 Vivid Festival. PCC was proud to provide technical expertise to such a unique and engaging project. The ability to be part of the glue that bought such a special exhibition of creativity and technology together with such sophistication was an excellent challenge.

The ‘Freedom of Movement’ project won the 2017 Event Awards - Best Technical Achievement Award.


The Team:

Colin Rendell

James Russell

Leigh Bowman