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Live Traffic Metering

Falls Festival, Lorne



PCC were engaged by The Falls Music & Arts Festival to assist in improving their traffic management practises at Victoria’s original and most iconic NYE Music Festival; The Falls Festival. The PCC team have existing knowledge of the event and understand the challenges with the lack of infrastructure within in remote regional areas and were excited to take the challenge onboard.


For the first time event organisers charged PCC with the task of improving the traffic management surveillance, which in the past had been undertaken on trail bikes monitoring the two entry points simply by riding up and down and searching for satellite phone reception to report back in. Whilst all other elements of the event organisers traffic management plan was relatively thorough however their existing means of monitoring the traffic flow was tedious and costly. In addition, as a rural event with 15,000 people entering in vehicles of all types on two roads with no phone reception there was an OH&S risk.

Whilst the task in isolation sounds simple enough the lack of digital communication, the remote location and difficult terrain in addition to the vast distance that had to be covered (minimum 2kms in each direction) with no power made this an extremely challenging project.

PCC successfully designed, developed and installed a real time traffic monitoring system including;

  • Custom hardware solution to measure traffic flow through specially designed ultrasonic sensors measuring cars per minute and average speed

  • Comprehensive data software to log and send back to event organisers utilising a web based interface to display data analytics to track and make critical decisions

  • All communications operated over a Motorola 2 Way Radios to give greater penetration through the dense bushland as they work on a low UHF signal.

  • Broke in to the digital network designed for voice and managed to send data signals between sensors and server running database.

  • Set up separate radio network using Motorola for sensors (not to interfere with locally supplied radios).

Event organisers were thrilled with the improved traffic management monitoring solutions and now have the data to analyse and prepare for next years event. This will benefit the event enormously allowing for greater forward planning for the entry and exit of patrons.

The Team:

Project Manager: Colin Rendell

Programmer & Sensor Design: Adam Hardy

Communications Network: Colin Rendell & Motorola Australia

TeamInstallation: Adam Hardy, James Russell, and Colin Rendell

Leigh Bowman