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Carrspace presented PCC with a vision to create an integrated experiential campaign that built brand credibility, highlighted Renault’s passionate involvement in Formula One and produced qualified leads. The challenge was to engage not only existing Formula One fans, but also share Renault’s story with the wider Australian public, creating momentum and a conversation that lasted throughout the season.


Carrspace is renown for designing innovative ways to bring communications to life, create experiences that people remember and get people engaged with brands in authentic, integrated and personal ways. PCC’s work alongside Carrspace at the Renault display at the F1 Grand Prix was testament to this.

Using the heart as a device to activate Renault’s Powered By Passion story, PCC worked with Carrspace on the “The Powered By Passion Lab” which was one of the most popular activations on track, with a high traffic flow and consistent level of crowd engagement.

The installation included competitive and interactive displays such as ‘Heart Rate Racing’, which allowed up to 4 race goers to race their heart rates on a purpose built LED race track in the ceiling of the dome. Fans could also have a go at a virtual race experience with ‘Helmet Head’, in which a 25kg weighted helmet simulated the extreme G-force Formula One drivers experience whilst racing.

Every time the Heart Rate Racing was on, the dome was bursting with fans, all cheering their friends on and watching the theatrics of the competitors trying to get their heart rates up.

PCC worked closely with Carrspace to make Renaults dream a reality by supplying:

  • Over x 60m of LED strips diffused in polypropylene tubes

  • Nintendo wii controller to establish resting heart rate and measure max working heart rate

  • Arduino microprocessors for programming

  • Laser cut custom brackets to suspend tubes

  • Countless man hours selecting, designing and installing above products

The Team:

Dylan McLaughlin: Project Manager

Adam Hardy: Engineer

Gary Hopkins: Rigger

Colin Rendell: Technical Consultant

Leigh Bowman