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World Expo


Yeosu South Korea, host city to World Expo 2012, is home to The Australia Pavilion. It was commissioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to promote cultural, educational and trade relationships between the 104 attending nations and numerous other international organisations.

The Australia Pavilion theme is “In Harmony With The Ocean”. It displays Australia’s achievements in environmental, scientific and technical research towards marine conservation and utilisation of our natural assets.

The pavilion delivers this messages through an artistically engaging design. Behind the creative atmosphere a highly technical integrated system maintains the day to day operations. The pavilion, although temporary, is designed as an installation to accommodate the expected 1.75 million guests to walk through its doors in the ninety-three days of expo.

Adam’s lighting is designed to accentuate the creative aesthetic and principle messages whilst producing a sustainable system capable of the meeting high safety and artistic demands of the design.


The Team:

Pavilion Design: think!OTS Pty Ltd

Lighting Designer: Adam Hardy, PCC Event Services

Leigh Bowman