PCC Event Services


HP Omen Truck

Traffik and Bestoh

August, 2017


Commissioned in August 2017, PCC began the design and fit out of a custom semi-trailer for the new HP Omen Laptop, created by Traffik managed by Bestoh.

Purpose and Scope

The HP Omen Truck is designed as the ultimate touring gamer setup. Customised for demonstrating the power of the new Omen Laptop (and on occasion Hp Omen Desktop) patrons enter the arena hosting a 6 vs 6 game of Overwatch. The truck has live mixing capabilities offering both external broadcast and a 2.5m LED screen.

Network and Power Design


Over an 8 week period PCC designed a flexible network and power distribution system. This design allowed for multiple high speed connections as well as a balanced dual provider 4G backup system to be utlised in rural and outdoor environments. The entire core system is suspended in a custom made 48RU rack with two part long term suspension kit.

Video and Broadcast


Each laptop in the truck feeds back to a main control room allowing feeds to be directly displayed on both the large LED screen and broadcast to streaming services and via SDI. This can be mixed by a local operator or via tablet from the gaming floor itself thanks to a custom made interface between the ATEM studio and control surfaces. The included 24 patch points around, both inside and outside the truck, can be used for incoming or outgoing feeds of both audio and video maximised for flexibility in all environments.

The Team:

James Russell

Patrick McMillan

Leigh Bowman