PCC Event Services


PCC provides private training services for individuals and groups throughout the Asia Pacific region in Vectorworks with a focus on tailoring training to meet specific industry requirements and unique personal objectives.

A basic 101 training course takes three days with a minimum 1 day break in-between each session. This allows for attendees to ensure they are not saturated with too much information and allows time for practical homework tasks that strengthen knowledge through applied learning. It also ensures that specific queries can be addressed with trainer in the follow up classes.

Individual courses can be developed for organisations or groups who have a particular focus or specific interests. Custom courses are designed to maximise the effectiveness of Vector Works and the 3D CAD environment. Time is spent looking at how participants use Vector Works and ways to gain efficiencies in its operation.

For an in-depth look at our course outline and details feel free to view the document below: Vectorworks Fundamentals Course Outline (145KB PDF)

Training can be provided at our training centre in Melbourne or our trainers can travel to you.